Australian Menagerie Board Game - Tasmania Add On

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Science and Nature
eastern quoll, giant freshwater crayfish, orange bellied parrot, tasmanian devil
Australian Menagerie - Tasmanian Add On

Designed to compliment your Australian Menagerie game with additional animals, habitats and more players.

Jagged mountains, lush valleys, glacial lakes, spectacular rivers, ancient rainforests, sedgelands and hundreds of kilometres of pristine coastlines are found in western and southern Tasmania. This diversity of land forms supports a wide range of vegetation types including some remnants of past climates and 1500 years old pine trees.

When the region was nominated for world heritage listing it was described as 'the last great temperate wilderness remaining in Australia and one of the last in the world'. This expanse of wilderness and the inability of some feral animals, eg foxes to reach the island of Tasmania has provided a safe habitat for many small mammals such as the Tasmanian devil, Eastern quoll, Tasmanian pademelon, Tasmanian bettong, which, although once common on the mainland are now only found in Tasmania.

Animals Living In This Habitat

  • Eastern Quoll
  • Giant Freshwater Crayfish
  • Orange-bellied Parrot
  • Tasmanian Devil


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