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Wallaby Book Mark - Size is 8 x 19.5cm

These beautiful, Australian Made Book Marks make remembering the page you are up to in your book or magazine a sheer delight. These Australian Book Marks are great for book lovers around the world.

These Book Marks are not just beautiful Book Marks, they are also made from soy inks and certified sustainable forests, they are made in Australia and they help Koalas too!

Who would have thought a Book Mark could be so much!

  • Good sturdy design – not flimsy paper
  • Size is 8 x 19.5cm
  • Cello-glazed both sides for durability
  • Printed in Australia
  • Artwork by Australian artist – Lynn Naismith

Bridled Nail Tail Wallaby – are found in small numbers in the semi-arid areas of Central Queensland. They are mainly solitary animals but may form small groups of 4 -5 animals when feeding or when females have joeys.  Bridled Nail Tail Wallabies are small with the males weighing in at 5 – 6 kg. They have a small horny nail-like spur right on the tip of the tail – hence the name, Bridled Nail Tail Wallaby.

Australian Koala Foundation Your purchase of this beautiful gift wrapping paper helps support the work of the Australian Koala Foundation to protect the koala and its habitat. Koala Hill Craft donates part of the items price to the Australian Koala Foundation and The Land Down Under is pleased to support them both by stocking Koala Hill Crafts beautiful stationery. 


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