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Koala Hill Crafts
Koala Gift Wrap - Sheet size 46 x 64cm

This is not only beautiful gift wrap that would make any gift just that little more special, it’s also made from soy inks and certified sustainable forests, and it’s made in Australia and it helps Koalas too!
Who would have thought gift wrap could be so much!

This beautiful gift wrapping paper features an icon of the bush, the Koala. Designed by the very talented Australian Artist, Lynn Naismith.

  • Sheet size 46 x 64cm
  • Printed in Australia
  • Artwork by Australian Artist – Lynn Naismith
  • Great quality wrapping sheets – strong enough to wrap any shape gift

Koalas are easy to identify – there is no other animal like them. Koalas are often thought to sleep a lot, but in fact they are alert at all times – they only rest for about 18 hours a day. Koalas have 2 thumbs on each hand, are not bears and each koala are identifiable by the markings on their nose – almost like finger prints, no two noses are the same.

Australian Koala Foundation Your purchase of this beautiful gift wrapping paper helps support the work of the Australian Koala Foundation to protect the koala and its habitat. Koala Hill Craft donates part of the items price to the Australian Koala Foundation and The Land Down Under is pleased to support them both by stocking Koala Hill Crafts beautiful stationery. 


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