Corroborree Frog Keyring Torch

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Science and Nature
Corroborree Frog
Corroboree Frog Torch and Keyring

Light up your night life with this very cute Corroboree Frog Torch AND never lose it because it's a keyring too! Always handy when you are looking for the key hole in the front door at night.

Corroboree Frog Facts

Did you know there are 2 species of this frog - The Southern Corroboree and the Northern Corroboree Frog. Their differences are colour, patterns and home range. 
They are only around 2.5cm in length and live in wetlands and surrounding vegetations of the Australian Alpine region. It walks and doesn't jump and is poisonous.

These striking little frogs are critically endangered but there are a great many people working hard to save them. 


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