Lizard Earrings - Silver

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Lizard Earrings - Silver  Made in Australia   The Land Down Under

This is a lizard with class! The lizard charm is a is made from Tibetan silver, the hooks are sterling silver plated and made into earrings here in Australia.

These earrings make delightful gifts for friends and family here in Australia or overseas. 

For hygiene reasons The Land Down Under - Australia does not allow exchanges or returns on earrings - please choose carefully.​

General Lizard Information

Lizards are found throughout almost every region of Australia and range from very small to the very large. There are over 520 different species of Lizard and all of these fall into just 5 families – the Gecko, Legless or Snake lizards, Dragons, Goannas and Skinks which is the most diverse and largest family of lizards – not just in Australia, but the world!


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