Tree Kangaroo Wild Watcher Plush (Out of Stock)

Out of Stock
Wild Republic
Tree Kangaroo
Wild Watchers Plush Tree Kangaroo

This amazing little Tree Kangaroo is always watching over you with those adorable big eyes!
This Tree Kangaroo has been made with the finest of fabrics and is perfect for cuddling.

Tree Kangaroo General Information

Two species of Tree Kangaroo are found in Australia – the Lumholtz’s tree-kangaroo and Bennett’s tree-kangaroo.

Tree-kangaroos are nocturnal and they spend the daylight hours sleeping hunched over in a sitting position high in tree canopies. Tree-kangaroos are the only kangaroos that can move their hind legs independently. They have very long tails for balance and strong forelimbs for climbing. Their feet are shorter and wider than the kangaroos that live on the land and they also have longer claws and rubbery soles on  their feet for better grip.


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