Blue Mountains Tree Frog Figurine (Out of Stock)

Out of Stock
The Hollowlog Collection
blue mountain tree frog
Blue Mountains Tree Frog - The Land Down Under

Frog figurines for the lovers of frogs. This gorgeous Blue Mountain Tree Frog figurine is so life like! The colours and details are stunning.
This poly-resin figurine is beautifully crafted and hand-painted and is an ideal gift for the discerning buyer looking for something just that little bit different.

This beautiful amphibian is found in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales and the Great Dividing Range of eastern Victoria. 
Its habitat is among rocks in small creeks of the mountain forests. 
The frog is about 5 cm in length.The toes of tree frogs are not as webbed as those of other frogs, but they are still strong swimmers and jumpers. 


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