There are few things that can add both a visual impact and the beauty of sound quite like wind chimes do.

All Bristlebrush products are designed and developed right here in Australia by a talented team of creative designers and sent for manufacturing in the Philippines.

100% Natural and environmentally friendly and renewable.

The team at Bristlebrush designs have always been concerned with the environmental impact of their products and as a result they have chosen to have their products made from a beautifully renewable product like the Buri Palm. The Buri Palm stalks regenerate every few months and the Fronds are taken from harvested crops specifically grown for these wonderful products. All their products meet strict quarantine standards and are of the highest grade, to ensure our native fauna and flora are protected at all times.

Cockatoo Wind Chime

This Sulphur Crested Cockatoo is happy perched …

Crimson Rosella Wind Chime

This Crimson Rosella is happy to show off it&rs…

Kangaroo Wind Chime

The icon of Australia, the kangaroo sits proudl…

Kookaburra Wind Chime

The lovable larrikin of the bush – the La…

Major Mitchell Wind Chime

The delicate colours of the Major Mitchell Cock…

Rainbow Lorikeet Wind Chime

The Rainbow Lorikeet looks amazing hanging in f…

Blue Wren Wind Chime
Blue Wren Wind Chime (Out of Stock)

With his flashy blue tail, this delightful litt…

Koala Wind Chime
Koala Wind Chime (Out of Stock)

This adorable Koala is happy to sit on top of t…


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