Wine Charm - Snake

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Snake Wine Glass Charm - Australian Made

Make sure your wine glass stands out in the crowd with the help of our Awesome Aussie Wildlife. This snake wine glass charm will make your wine stands out in the crowd at your next party or bbq. 
These snake wine glass charms make great gifts for family and friends here and overseas. 

The snake charm is  7mm L x  3mm W x 34mm H. The snake charm is made from Tibetan silver and made into this beautiful wine glass charm here in Australia.

General Snake Information

Australia has many different species of snakes that live in the trees, on land and in the oceans. There is over 140 species of land snakes and over 30 species of sea snakes and all are beautiful, sleek and slender and vary in sizes and colours. 

Snake Wine Glass Charm - Australian Made
Snake Wine Glass Charm - The Land Down Under


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