Wine Charm - Owl

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Owl Wine Glass Charm - Australian Made

Enjoy your wine and Australias’ native wildlife with these stunning wine glass charms and you’ll never have to worry about losing your wine glass again.

You can relax and have a hoot at your next party or bbq knowing this owl will quietly stand guard over your wine.

The charm is  7mm L x  2mm W x 20mm H. This owl is made from Tibetan silver and made into this beautiful wine glass charm here in Australia.

General Owl Information

Australia has 9 species of owl. Most owls are well known for their calls, but many species of Australian owls have some very unique calls. The Australian Hawk Owl makes a vague owl sound, the Mopoke makes a call that sounds similar to ‘more pork’ and the Barking owl, well it really does sound like a barking dog! Most of the other owls sit quietly, looking and listening for prey. 

Owl Wine Glass Charm - Australian Made
Owl Wine Glass Charm - Australian Made


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