What makes Australia.................Australia?

The Land Down Under - Australia is full of characters and some weird, whacky and down right strange sights that all go into the stewing pot to make up the character that is Australia. 

'That's Weird' - showcases just some of the weird, wacky and unusual things you can find in your travels, as well as some of the more unusual places to find our wildlife - like in the loo for example! This is where you'll find our funny photos.

We've also got 'Sign Spotting' - this has different and some of the more unusual signs that you can find in your travels, to let you know of Platypus crossings, to Lift Um Foot, to watch out for Bush Pixies and a warning sign to slow down for Echidna's or they may puncture your car tyres!

Aussies have a fascination with Letterboxes, I know - weird right..........or is it weird. Travelling on some of Australia's roads can get a tad long and coming across a letterbox that's out of the ordinary can actually be reason enough to stop the car, get out and have a good look. 
We've got quite a few great letterboxes; there are some very talented people out there that take making a letterbox to a whole new level.

If you've got photos that can fit into the categories of 'That's Weird' - 'Sign Spotting' or 'Aussie Letterboxes', send them in, we're always looking for additions!

Big Things - another of Australias weird fascinations. It all started way back with the Big Banana at Coffs Harbour in NSW, and now the Big Things have spread right acorss the country!


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