Wildlife Tracks

Wildlife Tracks is a collection of foot prints, drag marks, tracks etc made from different species of Australian native wildlife. 
Looking in the soft sands along creeks, the kids sand pit, the beach, a dirt driveway and even road side stops can show signs of what animal, bird or reptile may have passed through that area. Mud along the riverbank or around the edge of puddles and dams can also have tracks or clues left from different species of wildlife. It's a great pass time and something I like to do when ever I get the chance. 

I welcome submissions to the Wildlife Tracks gallery. Send your clear, high resolution images with the identification of what species (if known) to info@thelanddownunder.com.au. 

Wildlife Tracks
Unknown Lizard Tracks - Victoria
Whales left footprints on the ocean surface. Made by the up-thrust from their tales as they dive.
Wombat Tracks on the beach - Tasmania
Wallaby tracks on the beach - South Australia
Wind Tracks - these tracks were made by the wind blowing across the sands.
Unknown Shorebird Tracks
Unknown Shorebird Tracks
Australian Fur Seal Tracks - Kangaroo Island
Little Penguin Tracks - Tasmania
Kangaroo front paw print - Grampians National Park Victoria
Eastern Grey Kangaroo Hind Feet Track - Victoria
Eastern Grey Kangaroo Front Paw Print - Victoria
Insect cocoon and tracks - Victoria
Freshwater Crocodile Tracks - Northern Territory
Emu track - Grampians National Park Vic
Dingo tracks in the mud on the Nullarbor - SA
Brushtail Possum Track - Victoria
Unknown species tracks - NSW
Unknown Shorebird Tracks
Unknown species track, possibly possum - Grampians National Park Vic


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