Sign Spotting

When travelling through Australia, there are some ripper signs. These are just a few that we've come across in our travels. Watch out for deer, bush pixies, Tasmanian Devils, Crocs, Penguins, Turtles, Lyrebirds and even Platypus crossings!

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We're always on the lookout for great quality, unusual signs.
If you've got a great photo of an unusual Aussie sign - send it in to be included in this gallery.
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A speed bump who loves their job of slowing vehicles for Cassowaries - photo by Penny Smith at Cape Tribulation QLD
Watch out for tree kangaroos in far north Queensland - photo by Penny Smith
Crikey - look out for wildlife even elephants in the NSW bush - photo by Penny Smith
Watch out for flying horses in the outback. Photographed by Penny Smith - Menindee NSW
Drop Bears with serious attitude warning sign - photo by Penny Smith
Giant kangaroos for the next 3 kilometres - photo by Penny Smith
Robber Crab Road Sign - by Linda Cash - Christmas Island
Kangaroos and Wombats Ahead - by Jacqueline Graf
Crocodile Awareness at Port Douglas Golf Course - by Jacqueline Graf
Marine Stingers - by Jacqueline Graf
Casswary Country Before and After - by Jacqueline Graf
Cassowary Crossing Country - by Jacqueline Graf
180 kms of Kangaroo Country - by Jacqueline Graf
Kangaroos, Wombats and Lyrebirds - by Jacqueline Graf
Watch our for wildlife in the wide open spaces of Australia
Koala Crossing - The Land Down Under - Australia
Watch out for Lizards - Uluru - Northern Territory
Mallee Fowl area - Victoria
Camel, Kangaroo and Wombat Sign - South Australia
A welcome sign when you are doing a road trip across southern Australia - South Australia
Watch out for Echidnas - they don't have the speed your car does - Tasmania
Harder to see by day - but you may hear them at night - Victoria
Great eye catching sign in the outback - Central Australia
Watch for Penguins in the area - Kangaroo Island
Watch for Camels - they're bigger than you! - Central Australia
Watch out for deer - This sign in on the outskirts of Syndey! - New South Wales
Watch for Wombats in the area from Dusk to Dawn - Victoria
Bush Pixie crossing - really! - High country of Victoria
Trains on roads instead of rails - give these guys room! - Northern Territory
A welcome sign for those who are now internet dependent - Northern Territory
Beware Wandering Stock - No Fences - these guys mean it! - Northern Territory
Animal, Croc and Safety for You - Northern Territory
Extreme Danger Sign - get the hint? - Northern Territory
Watch for Crocs next 5km - Northern Territory
Crocodiles inhabit these waters - Northern Territory
Fire Warning - We like our lizards frilled not grilled - Northern Territory
Watch for Turtles and other wildlife - Fogg Dam - Northern Territory
Box Jellyfish warning signs - take notice - Northern Territory
It's not only the wildlife that gets hurt - Tasmania
Tasmanian Devils - endangered - please take extreme care - Tasmania
Drive on Left in Australia - Victoria
Beware: Dust & Corrugations - when they put up a sign for it, they mean it! - Northern Territory
Potoroo Caution Sign - Tasmania
Wildlife Crossing - keep an eye out for more than the roos - Victoria
Platypus Crossing - yep, watch out for Platypus crossing the roads - Tasmania
Look out for Possums
Little Penguins Ahead
Wildlife Puncture Area: Echidnas
Ducks Ahead - slow down, those tiny legs of ducklings don't go that fast - Victoria
Warning: Feral Bees - these bees are bad tempered - keep your distance. - Victoria


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