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The Land Down Under

G'day !

Are you ready? Come on, let's go walk-about through this amazingly beautiful and ancient country, The Land Down Under - Australia. It’s known throughout the world for its unique wildlife and diverse landscapes. Australia is a remote and rugged land. It’s timeless, unspoiled; it’s majestic and massive in scale.

Australia has green ancient rainforests, the vast and un-seemingly inhospitable outback with its blood red heart. The blue pristine oceans and stunning rugged mountain ranges. Not forgetting Australia's unique and fascinating wildlife - more than 80% of it is found nowhere else in the world!

While you’re on walk-about – or doing a great Aussie road-trip, make sure you meet up with our wildlife. Head over to Wild Wonders and see the great places where you can come face to face with our wildlife, catch an adventure or eco tour, find great accommodation to stay in and surround yourself in some of the most beautiful places you can imagine.

Explore Australia – get out there, hike, walk, bus, train whatever you want to do, but I personally love our great Aussie road trips. There’s general information on Australia, our States and Territories, tips for Driving in Australia and even ideas for travelling with the kids.

We’re building our own Wildlife Gallery! It’s an ongoing job – we’ve got so many different and diverse species – but it’s all about great information and photos to learn about our wildlife.

Many people love our wildlife just as much as I do and want to know how they can help.
Grab a cuppa and check out the area on how to Help our Wildlife.

So go on, put the esky in the car and go exploring this awesome country, don’t just see it here or on the telly – I want you to get out and have your own adventure!

You can join us in our adventures through The Land Down Under through my The Land Down Under – Australia Facebook page.

Hope to see you on the road!