That's Weird!

Ever see a Giant Teddy Bear riding on Top of a Locomotive, or an ornamental Sheep riding high on top of a campervan through the outback? What about a Green Tree Frog in a toilet?

Australian animals and insects can and do find some strange places to source food, water and even shelter - get a load of the python in the toilet! He's been living quite happily there for some time. The owners of the loo have tried numerous times to catch him, but he's quite happy where he is and doesn't want to be 'moved out'.

Travelling around The Land Down Under, is an adventure - you just don't know what's around the next bend!
Keep an eye open in your travels for things that are unusual or just down-right weird.

This is just a few of the unusual sights we've seen on our travels and we're sure we'll find a lot more too.

That's Weird!
Agile Wallaby crawls under a house to find water - Northern Territory
This one makes you look twice - bush pixie crossing - Victoria
Bush Pixies live in Mansions! - Victoria
Aboriginal people have cut out a canoe from this tree a long time ago - South Australia
Teddy Bear riding high on top of this train in the outback! - Northern Territory
Giant Cockroach spotted in South Australia!
Land locked submarine - Holbrook - New South Wales
These possums were almost cooked when the furnace next to them was lit - lucky they were seen! - Victoria
A large protesting rat - South Australia
A sight like this makes you think you've been driving way too long - Northern Territory
A fence made out of shoes - why? Who knows. - Tasmania
Spreading the good word at the supermarket - Victoria
The Tin Man does live in Oz! - South Australia
Green Tree Frog has made itself at home in to the loo! - Northern Territory
UFO's sighted - South Australia
Great use of old timber - Victoria
Old Ned Kelly waiting by the highway for an unsuspecting stage coach to rob. Country Victoria. Photo by Jill Luke
Water is more precious than gold, something we need to remember. Photo by Penny Smith
Thong Tree. This tree is slowly being covered in peoples thongs. Grafton NSW. Photo by Penny Smith
Silvertons Weather Station. Silverton NSW
Free Beer Yesterday - Nindigully Pub Queensland. Photo by Penny Smith
Free Beer Tomorrow - Nindigully Pub Queensland. Photo by Penny Smith
Termite Mound Lady, Mount Isa QLD. Photo by Penny Smith
Termite Mound Man who tried to be good. Mount Isa QLD. Photo by Penny Smith
Lavatory - no - Lavatree. Dorrigo NSW. Photo by Penny Smith
Sitting like a Frog on a Rock. Queensland. Photo by Penny Smith
Subtle Signs - Directional Tree outback Queensland. Photo by Penny Smith
Buggar Ute - country Western Australia. Photo by Penny Smith
This tree has the figure for a bikini - so why not? Mission Beach QLD - photo by Penny Smith
Big Boobs - the things you can find! Winton QLD. Photo by Penny Smith
And a piano up a gumtree. Clermont QLD - photo by Penny Smith
Green Ants search a tap for water in a toilet block in the bush of the Northern Territory
Python lives in the outback loo in the Northern Territory


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