Wild Wonders - Australia's Only Fully Comprehensive Wildlife Directory

Wild Wonders was created by The Land Down Under to bring natured based holidays and wildlife experiences together to create a resource for people around the world. The aim is to cover holidays and experiences available throughout Australia and its neighbouring islands.

Wild Wonders Wildlife Directory is an exciting initiative from The Land Down Under and is dedicated to supporting conservation for all native wildlife species and Wildlife & Nature Tourism within Australia and its islands.

Wild Wonders is the only comprehensive Australian wildlife directory (that I know of and I’ve been looking for a long time). There are no sign ups or memberships, nothing to hinder visitors usability of the directory.

Conservation through Education via Interaction to Bring People and Wildlife Together.

To combine
the collective resources and skills of the businesses and organisations on Wild Wonders Wildlife Directory, to give people the chance to encounter, interact and learn about all Australian wildlife species – above and below the water, on the mainland and our neighbouring islands.

To create a go-to wildlife resource for: schools, media, researchers, photographers, general public, wildlife carers, help for wildlife, travel operators, holiday planners and much more. Continually create opportunities for people to become involved with, learn and explore Australia, its neighbouring islands and its native species – above and below the water.

With the worlds interest in wildlife ever increasing, now is the time to pool Australia’s wildlife resources together to  really showcase our incredible array of wildlife to the world – and show them how they can help, support and conserve our native flora and fauna.

Promote your products or services to the world wide wildlife community. Wild Wonders readers and social media followers are eager to learn more about our native species and where they can encounter wildlife for themselves - above and below the water, on the mainland and on our neighbouring islands.

Travelling through Australia is an amazing experience in its own right. Travelling through this ancient land of rainforests, deserts, salt bush plains and the winding roads our coastal shores is something many people around the world want to experience – we can help them achieve these goals together with Wild Wonders as their starting point.

Download your Agreement Form and get started today and let’s Bring People and Wildlife Together.

What are the costs?

Pricing is only $0 per year – that’s right – FREE. Thanks to the great support of UBC Web Design we can offer free listings - no matter how big or small the organisation is and no matter how many categories you list in AND no linking of the same information across multiple categories, which means better returns for your listings!

Each listing can be written to suit each category, this increases the effectiveness for you, for the visitors and even for the wildlife you support!

Download your Agreement Form and get started today and let’s Bring People and Wildlife Together.

Want to know about all the legal stuff? You can find it here: http://www.thelanddownunder.com.au/legal-notices

Benefits for You Listing on Wild Wonders Wildlife Directory

  • The Land Down Under is website specific – market directly to target audience – nationally and internationally
  • The Land Down Under has been operating since 2009
    Wild Wonders has been operating since 2014
  • Be promoted through our Social Media and Bush E-Telegraph (newsletter)
  • Each Wednesday is Wild Wonders Wednesday on social media – where Wild Wonders Wildlife Directory is the main focus of the day.
  • Be Found on the only fully comprehensive Australian wildlife directory
  • Networking Opportunities – find other like-minded businesses or organisations in a similar field to support your work
  • Your listing can appear in as many categories that suit for no extra cost, but must be relevant to your business or organisation.
  • Each listing may have its own write up and images
  • Minor updates during the year without charge
  • Benefit from our umbrella marketing

The Land Down Under website goes through regular SEO and is mobile/tablet compatible - a must for those on the go!

*NOT accepted in this Directory are the buying/selling/trading of wildlife or wildlife by products.   
If anyone is found or reported to disregard the health and well-being of wildlife, our land or the buying/selling/trading or wildlife or parts thereof - your listing/s will be removed from the directory. No longer will you be promoted and if necessary, the incident will be reported to the relevant authorities. The welfare of wildlife and the integrity of Wild Wonders Wildlife Directory and those listed in it are highly valued and protected by The Land Down Under - Australia.

Download your Agreement Form and get started today to get started and let’s Bring People and Wildlife Together.

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