Aussie Letterboxes

The Land Down Under has some talented people who have created their own unique letterboxes. In your travels around Australia - keep an eye out, you will find some very clever and imaginative letterboxes.
Some people have put a huge amount of work into their letterboxes and others are creative in what they've used for a letterbox.

Here are just some of the letterboxes that can be found on your travels, a Mack Dog, Bees, Red-back spider, steam engine, apple computer and more. Take a look - have you seen great letterboxes like these in your travels? 

We're always on the lookout for more creative letterbox photos. Do you have a clear photo of a great Aussie letterbox - send it in and we'll include it here.
Make sure you include your name, area and the State or Territory where you found the letterbox.
*actual postal addresses will not be displayed for privacy reasons.

Aussie Letterboxes
What could be more secure for your mail than a mailman letterbox. Photo by Noel.
I wish for no bills! - photo by Vivenne Tracy
Caterpillar Letterbox - photo by Vivenne Tracy
Bender Letterbox - photo by Vivenne Tracy
Beautiful bike in blue letterbox - what a gorgeous functional feature. - photo by Vivenne Tracy
How Now Brown Cow letterbox - photo by Vivenne Tracy
And we're off and racing to see who reaches the postie first - photo by Vivenne Tracy
Cockatoo Mailbox - or did the cocky eat the mailbox? - Photo by Vivienne Tracy
Rusty Yabby Letterbox - photo by Vivienne Tracy
Scary Letterbox - this is how I feel when the postie brings my bills. - photo by Vivienne Tracy
Lazy Turtle Letterbox - photo by Vivienne Tracy
Dino Roo Letterbox - photo by Vivienne Tracy
Bulldog stands guard over its owners mail - photo by Penny Smith
Green Frog just waiting around for the mailman to visit - photo by Penny Smith
Tired Busy Bee Letterbox - photo by Penny Smith
Mickey Mouse, lots of fan mail must get delivered here. Photo by Penny Smith
Emus are characters and so is this emu letterbox. Photo by Penny Smith
An icon of Australia - Ned Kelly waiting to ambush the postie. Photo by Penny Smith
Long necked goose letterbox - Penny Smith
Lady Beetle Letterbox - Penny Smith
Colourful Fish Letterbox - Penny Smith
Sailing off with your mail - well hopefully not. Photo by Penny Smith
Surfing Oz letterbox - photo by Penny Smith
Peacock Letterbox - photo by Penny Smith
No way the postie could miss emu - what a beauty. Photo by Penny Smith
To war over your bills! This viking letterbox will take aim at your postie if he tries to fill your letterbox with bills. Photo by Noel
Apple Computer turned into a letterbox - recycling at work here - Victoria
Astronomy is taken to new heights here with this creative letterbox - Victoria
It's a hive of activity around this bee hive letterbox in Tasmania
A great way to 'buzz' up an old style letterbox - Victoria
Boags Beer Letterbox - Tasmania
Very creative here - old keg has been turned into a giant corkscrew letterbox - sits just outside the pub - Tasmania
A detailed 2 storey country house - even with a gardener out front! - Tasmania
This cow letterbox used to stand on her own - but now she has a calf! - Victoria
A pet resort has made good use of a dog kennel for their letterbox - Victoria
Electric Guitar? Guess again, it's their letterbox - Victoria
Petrol bowser or letterbox? Maybe the postie could fill the letterbox and his car at the same time? - Victoria
Giant Red-back spider letterbox - fancy putting your hand in here to get your mail out? - Victoria
What a happy face on this old tractor to greet the postie - Tasmania
Home among the gum trees letterbox - New South Wales
Maybe too much use for this old still so it's been turned into a letterbox? - Tasmania
A variety of letterboxes here - a lizard climbing one, an angel made out of aluminium cans, and a fire extinguisher - Tasmania
Mack Dog just like you would find on the front of a Mack truck, only this is a letterbox - Victoria
Great use of an old helmet -  Clunes, Victoria
Home made model of an old steam engine - Victoria
This kangaroo isn't caught on the hop - she's got her phone at the ready! - Tasmania
Retired old chainsaw - Tasmania
Great use of a childs rocking horse - Victoria
Can you believe it - this old Steam Engine is now a letterbox! - Tasmania
Old Swaggie kicking back by the campfire - this one is prepared for a cold night, he's even got a keg on his back! - Tasmania
The Tasmanian Tiger has been spotted - or has it? - Tasmania
Tassie Devil with an Acme Bomb Letterbox
Thomas the Tank Engine - Woodworkers Letterbox
Undetonated Bomb? No, this is just their letterbox! - Tasmania
How good would this elephant letterbox be in your front garden. Made and photo by Noel.
This little piggy stayed home to eat your mail. Photo by Noel.
These mailboxes are waiting for their forever home. Made by Noel.
The postie could always use this fella to deliver the mail........maybe. Photo sent in by Noel.
Green Tree Frog Letterbox, made by Noel
No bills will get past Ned Kelly - photo by Vivienne Tracy
Reusing an preloved wine barrel for a letterbox - makes you want to whet your whistle - photo by Vivienne Tracy
Modern version of the bush telegraph - photo by Vivienne Tracy
Old machinery parts make long lasting mailbox stands - photo by Vivienne Tracy
Mind the mower mailman - photo by Vivienne Tracy
A natural letterbox if ever there was one - photo by Vivienne Tracy
Old farm equipment makes a great piece to work with for letterboxes - photo by Vivienne Tracy
A true classic - a hot rod letterbox - photo by Vivienne Tracy
Many a cow has been immortalized as a letterbox - photo by Vivienne Tracy
A great use for an old boat that no longer floats - retired to a life of a letterbox - photo by Vivienne Tracy
No way the postie could miss this pink mail mule letterbox on his rounds - photo by Vivienne Tracy
Arc Welder Letterbox - Monaro NSW
Minions have taken over the letterbox! - Victoria
Old Red Rattler Letterbox - Raglan Victoria
Corrugated Iron Shed Letterbox - outback NSW
Kangaroo letterbox greets the postie on an country road in NSW
Old mailbox stands the test of time - by Dave Hambly
Ned Kelly in shorts - well it does get warm in QLD - by Dave Hambly
Dragon Fly mailbox - Warrill View QLD - by Dave Hambly
Donkey Farm Mailbox - Boonah - Queensland - by Dave Hambly
Mail Logger - Musk Victoria.
Pink Pig mailbox - regional NSW
Cut through those bills with a chainsaw - log letterbox - Wilmot Tasmania
Recycling at it's best - microwave letterboxes - zap those bills!
Ned Kelly - who better to protect the mail.
Feed the man mail - he's pretty skinny - Northern Victoria.
Even a postman can make a great letterbox.
Engine letterbox for a car yard in northern Victoria
The Old Iron Homestead - even with the dog! Outback NSW
The Cobb and Co Coach Mailbox - Rosewood NSW
Riverside Paddleboat near the Darling River - Wilcannia NSW
The postie had better only bring good news with Ned Kelly waiting for him.
Ned Kelly - by Sandi Kogtevs
Dr Who - a Dalek Letterbox - by Sandi Kogtevs
Motorbike Letterbox - Tasmania - by Sandi Kogtevs
Mosaic Letterboxes created from the Black Saturday Fires of 2009 - by Sandi Kogtevs
Steel letterbox survived the 2009 fires - repainted with love by wildlife carer - by Sandi Kogtevs


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