Aussie Letterboxes

The Land Down Under has some talented people who have created their own unique letterboxes. In your travels around Australia - keep an eye out, you will find some very clever and imaginative letterboxes.
Some people have put a huge amount of work into their letterboxes and others are creative in what they've used for a letterbox.

Here are just some of the letterboxes that can be found on your travels, a Mack Dog, Bees, Red-back spider, steam engine, apple computer and more. Take a look - have you seen great letterboxes like these in your travels? 

We're always on the lookout for more creative letterbox photos. Do you have a clear photo of a great Aussie letterbox - send it in and we'll include it here.
Make sure you include your name, area and the State or Territory where you found the letterbox.
*actual postal addresses will not be displayed for privacy reasons.

Aussie Letterboxes
Apple Computer turned into a letterbox - recycling at work here - Victoria
Astronomy is taken to new heights here with this creative letterbox - Victoria
It's a hive of activity around this bee hive letterbox in Tasmania
A great way to 'buzz' up an old style letterbox - Victoria
Boags Beer Letterbox - Tasmania
Very creative here - old keg has been turned into a giant corkscrew letterbox - sits just outside the pub - Tasmania
A detailed 2 storey country house - even with a gardener out front! - Tasmania
This cow letterbox used to stand on her own - but now she has a calf! - Victoria
A pet resort has made good use of a dog kennel for their letterbox - Victoria
Electric Guitar? Guess again, it's their letterbox - Victoria
Petrol bowser or letterbox? Maybe the postie could fill the letterbox and his car at the same time? - Victoria
Giant Red-back spider letterbox - fancy putting your hand in here to get your mail out? - Victoria
What a happy face on this old tractor to greet the postie - Tasmania
Home among the gum trees letterbox - New South Wales
Maybe too much use for this old still so it's been turned into a letterbox? - Tasmania
A variety of letterboxes here - a lizard climbing one, an angel made out of aluminium cans, and a fire extinguisher - Tasmania
Mack Dog just like you would find on the front of a Mack truck, only this is a letterbox - Victoria
Great use of an old helmet -  Clunes, Victoria
Home made model of an old steam engine - Victoria
This kangaroo isn't caught on the hop - she's got her phone at the ready! - Tasmania
Retired old chainsaw - Tasmania
Great use of a childs rocking horse - Victoria
Can you believe it - this old Steam Engine is now a letterbox! - Tasmania
Old Swaggie kicking back by the campfire - this one is prepared for a cold night, he's even got a keg on his back! - Tasmania
The Tasmanian Tiger has been spotted - or has it? - Tasmania
Tassie Devil with an Acme Bomb Letterbox
Thomas the Tank Engine - Woodworkers Letterbox
Undetonated Bomb? No, this is just their letterbox! - Tasmania
No bills will get past Ned Kelly - photo by Vivienne Tracy
Reusing an preloved wine barrel for a letterbox - makes you want to whet your whistle - photo by Vivienne Tracy
Modern version of the bush telegraph - photo by Vivienne Tracy
Old machinery parts make long lasting mailbox stands - photo by Vivienne Tracy
Mind the mower mailman - photo by Vivienne Tracy
A natural letterbox if ever there was one - photo by Vivienne Tracy
Old farm equipment makes a great piece to work with for letterboxes - photo by Vivienne Tracy
A true classic - a hot rod letterbox - photo by Vivienne Tracy
Many a cow has been immortalized as a letterbox - photo by Vivienne Tracy
A great use for an old boat that no longer floats - retired to a life of a letterbox - photo by Vivienne Tracy
No way the postie could miss this pink mail mule letterbox on his rounds - photo by Vivienne Tracy
Arc Welder Letterbox - Monaro NSW
Minions have taken over the letterbox! - Victoria
Old Red Rattler Letterbox - Raglan Victoria
Corrugated Iron Shed Letterbox - outback NSW
Kangaroo letterbox greets the postie on an country road in NSW
Old mailbox stands the test of time - by Dave Hambly
Ned Kelly in shorts - well it does get warm in QLD - by Dave Hambly
Dragon Fly mailbox - Warrill View QLD - by Dave Hambly
Donkey Farm Mailbox - Boonah - Queensland - by Dave Hambly
Mail Logger - Musk Victoria.
Pink Pig mailbox - regional NSW
Cut through those bills with a chainsaw - log letterbox - Wilmot Tasmania
Recycling at it's best - microwave letterboxes - zap those bills!
Ned Kelly - who better to protect the mail.
Feed the man mail - he's pretty skinny - Northern Victoria.
Even a postman can make a great letterbox.
Engine letterbox for a car yard in northern Victoria
The Old Iron Homestead - even with the dog! Outback NSW
The Cobb and Co Coach Mailbox - Rosewood NSW
Riverside Paddleboat near the Darling River - Wilcannia NSW
The postie had better only bring good news with Ned Kelly waiting for him.
Ned Kelly - by Sandi Kogtevs
Dr Who - a Dalek Letterbox - by Sandi Kogtevs
Motorbike Letterbox - Tasmania - by Sandi Kogtevs
Mosaic Letterboxes created from the Black Saturday Fires of 2009 - by Sandi Kogtevs
Steel letterbox survived the 2009 fires - repainted with love by wildlife carer - by Sandi Kogtevs


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