Explore The Land Down Under

Australia is an amazing destination full of incredible travelling experiences.

There is a special feeling when you meet any one of our incredible wildlife species, or coming across a beautiful sight of our sparkling turquoise oceans or a view that you can immerse yourself in from on top of our mighty mountain ranges or just taking a break for a coffee in the many unique towns that are found along the way are just some of the experiences that can be found when exploring Australia.

Talk to the locals too. There are some real characters and they can often point out special places of interest that are not found in tourist brochures.

In this section you will find information about Driving in the Outback, as well as information on every state and territory in Australia as well as the answer to the all-important question that is asked almost daily - Where’s the next loo (toilet)? There are also ideas on Travelling with Kids, a Kids page and much more.

Go on – Explore Australia here, then head off and go exploring Australia for yourself.


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