G'day Kids!

In here, we've got games, cross word puzzles, word searches and colouring sheets of our Unique Aussie Animals, that you can print out and play at home or in the car when you're travelling and exploring The Land Down Under, they are at the bottom of the page.

Memories Book

Are you about to go on a holiday? Here's how to make your own special Memories Book.
Memories books are great fun to make. All you need is a scrap book, a pencil and some sticky tape and away you go.

Keep any brochures of places you have been during the day, small maps, post cards, photos, ticket stubs, etc. anything you can think of while travelling. Of an evening when the travel is finished for the day, you can write in your Memory Book what you enjoyed best about the day or even didn't like, whatever you want and stick the brochures, postcards, anything special you find - a great big leaf, etc. into the Memory Book on the same page.

If you do this every day or every couple of days, when the holiday is finished, you can show friends, relatives, grandparents and have fun remembering your holiday.

Games for the Car

Thumb Wrestling
This is a really silly game but is a lot of fun. Two people must lock their right hands together with all fingers, but keep your thumbs free. You are not allowed to use your other hand at all in this game. Players say ‘one, two, three, Thumb!’ On the word thumb, each player then uses their free thumb on their right hand to try and pin down the other players thumb. Players cannot unlock their hands or move them around. The one who pins down the other players thumb is the winner.

Number Plate Alphabet
Find the letters of the alphabet in order A, B, C etc. on the car and truck number plates as you travel. This can be done in teams or as an individual. The first person or team to ‘Z’ wins.

Number Plate Alphabet Animals
This is a similar game to the Number Plate Alphabet, but when you find the letter A, you must correctly name an animal beginning with A before moving on to the next letter of the alphabet. When the animal is correct for the letter, players then proceed to the next letter of the alphabet.

This can be a great challenge and will last longer than the Number Plate Alphabet.

Bugs Slugs
When you see a VW (Volkswagen) of any kind, you must be the first person to say ‘bug slug’ as many times as the people in your car. Being the first means you earn a point and everyone else loses a point. At the end of your trip, add up the points and the person with the most is the winner.

This game is easily changed to suit your surroundings or even use different vehicles.

Car Cricket
This game is better suited to at least a two lane highway. It is suitable to all ages - younger children may need help to add up the scores.

Each person takes a turn ‘batting’. To score, you add up the value of the vehicles that pass you in the opposite direction.

The way to score is:
Car = 1 run
Car with Trailer = 2 run
Bus or Truck = 4 runs (boundary)
Semi-trailer = 6 runs

You continue to be batter until a red car passes, then you are out. The next batter takes their turn. To finish a game, before starting, make a score to reach eg: 100. The first person to reach 100 is the winner. You can make the rules as you like and it is a lot of fun.

You can make the scoring a bit different if you like by adding a caravan or bus, a truck could be out.

Colouring Pictures

Below are FREE colouring sheets that you can print out to colour at home or you can take them in the car on road trips.

Big Red Kangaroo

Bushy the Brushtail Possum

Ernie the Emu

Koko the Koala

Kooka the Kookaburra

Paulie the Platypus

Salty the Saltwater Crocodile

Bush Scene

Dev the Tasmanian Devil

Wally the Wallaby

Wombo the Wombat


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