Coasters - Kookaburra Country Scene

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Kookaburra Country Scene Coasters - Set of 6

Kookaburra Country Scene Coasters. These stunning cork-backed coasters come in a set of 6 and are made by the well known Australian owned company, Ashdene. They have been supplying quality homewares for nearly 25 years and are market leaders renowned for their exceptional design and quality. These lovable Kookaburra Coasters will not only bring our lovable lauging Kookaburra into your home, but will be a talking point among friends and family.

Laughing Kookaburras feed mostly on insects, worms and crustaceans, although small snakes, mammals, frogs and birds may also be eaten. Prey is seized by pouncing from a suitable perch. Small prey is eaten whole, but larger prey is killed by bashing it against the ground or tree branch.


Kookaburra Country Scene Coasters - Set of 6
Kookaburra cork-backed coasters - set of 6
Kookaburra Country Scene Coasters by Ashene - set of 6


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