Kangaroo 12" Plush

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Kangaroo Plush Toy with Joey

This plush Kangaroo is so soft and highly detailed, uses the finest of fabrics and is perfect for cuddling and comes with her very own joey!

Kangaroo General Information

The kangaroo is one of Australia’s most iconic species. There are over 60 different species of kangaroo and their close relatives. The kangaroo belong to the family of macropod which means ‘great footed’.

Kangaroos of different types live in all areas of Australia – from the cold climates and desert areas, to tropical rainforests and even beaches.

Most species of kangaroo are nocturnal, but some are active in the times of dusk and dawn. Did you know there is even a species of Tree Kangaroo? It actually lives in the trees of northern Queensland.

The female kangaroos have pouches that almost resemble pockets that they raise their joey until it can survive outside the pouch.
Kangaroos of all sizes have one thing in common – they all have powerful back legs and big feet.


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