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12 inch Sitting Koala Plush Toy

This plush is so soft - just like a real koala!
It is highly detailed, uses the finest of fabrics and is perfect for cuddling!

Koala General Information

Koalas are one of Australias most iconic species and are not related to bears. Koalas are simply just that – a Koala.
The Koala is a marsupial which means they have a pouch in which they raise their joey. Koalas are mostly nocturnal. Koala fossils have been found in Australia have been dated as long ago as 20 million years!

Koalas have individual finger prints, just like we do and if you look closely at koalas, you’ll find that you can identify them from their noses!
Koalas live in the eucalypt forests of Queensland, NSW, Victoria and South Australia. They are very fussy eaters and are picky about which species of gum leaves they will eat.

Habitat loss is the greatest threat to koalas. The main reasons for this are land clearing, bushfires and diseases of the eucalypts which is called die back. Vehicles and dogs are also a big threat to koalas.

Check out koalas online – you can help save Australia’s iconic koala.


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