Platypus 12" Plush

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12 inch Plush Platypus Toy

Take home your own Aussie icon. This large plush Platypus is the perfect size for cuddling! He is highly detailed and made from the finest of fabric.

Platypus General Information

The Platypus is a unique and an Australian native. Platypus are monotremes which means egg-laying mammal. Monotremes have only 2 species in this group – the other is the Echidna.

The Platypus when first discovered was thought to be a fake due to the different species that could be associated with it – the bill of a duck, the webbed feet of an otter, the tail of a beaver. It caused quite a bit of confusion!

Platypuses spend most of their time in the water or in their burrow. They are found only in freshwater rivers or lakes. They create burrows for shelter and protection. They are mainly active late in the day and during the nights. The main threats to a Platypus are goannas, rats, snakes and foxes as well as man – through pollution and land clearing.

To watch a Platypus you must be very quiet and very patient – the slightest noise and they’re gone!


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