Potoroo Palace Native Animal Education Sanctuary - New South Wales


Hours: 10am - 4pm 7 days a week Closed Christmas Day
Phone: 02 6494 9053
Contact Name: Lea Pinker
Address: 2372 Princes Highway, Merimbula NSW 2548
Potoroo Palce Native Animal Sanctuary
Potoroo Palace Native Animal Education Sanctuary - Echidna
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Potoroo Palace Native Animal Education Sanctuary Dingo
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We are a not-for-profit animal sanctuary and we are passionate about looking after our earth.

Our foci are: conservation, community and education.

Humans share the earth with 30 million other species of living things.

At Potoroo Palace we are crusaders in changing the practice of stealing from the future to ways of caring for our planet.

We would like to show people ways of living with native animals and valuing the big trees and wild places which are their homes.

Here are some examples of how we are doing just that.

1.  When people eat in our Blue Wren Cafe they will notice many things:

  • The coffee they drink provides money to coffee growers in villages instead of to huge companies.
  • The chicken eggs are from chickens who can run around freely and live on our premises.
  • No trees are destroyed to make paper towels or serviettes.
  • Organic beverages are on offer as an alternative choice.
  • Much of the food provided is grown organically on our premises and sourced from local producers.

2.  During our Talks  people will notice the care with which we treat the animals. We will tell them things     they can do to make things easier for native animals in the wild.

3.  The visitors will see an explanation of how our solar panels are lessening the damage done to the earth's blanket of atmosphere by coal powered electricity.

4.  They will see that animals have space and variety in their pens. There is no pacing.

5.  They will see animals who have no fear eg: native birds who come close in the Pretty Garden.

Fun can be had on our little train and our free roaming animals can be hand fed with special animal feed bags.

BBQs and picnic tables available.  

We hope to see you at Potoroo Palace Native Animal Education Sanctuary soon!

Last Updated: Monday 27th June, 2016


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