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Hours: 10am - 5pm 7 days
Phone: 07 5442 9564
Contact Name: Andrew Goodall
Address: 162 Main Street, Montville QLD 4560
Jumping Spider on Agapanthus - Natures Image Photography
Natures Image Photography - Kingfisher
Croc Basking - Yellow Waters - Natures Image Photography
Emily Bay - Natures Image Photography

Andrew Goodall is a landscape and wildlife photographer of over 30 years experience. His gallery – Nature’s Image Photography – at Montville in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast Hinterland, has been in operation since 1993, making it one of the longest running photography galleries in Australia.

After starting out primarily as a landscape photographer, these days the gallery displays more and more wildlife images as well. “Each time I visited a new location to photograph the landscape, I was hearing new bird calls and discovering all types of animals that are so much a part of the character of the bush. I realised that if I only focused on scenery I was really only telling half the story.” Nature’s Image Photography now features birds (large and small) as well as marsupials, frogs, insects and more.

With origins stemming from the days of film, Andrew still takes a fairly old-fashioned approach to nature photography. Where most photographers these days rely heavily on editing to transform their images, Andrew prefers to let nature tell the story. The natural world is colourful enough without needing help from us. Of course editing is a part of photography, but Andrew limits it to simple corrections of colour and contrast. When you look at one of his photos, you feel like you are looking through a window at the real thing.

After many years in the gallery, Andrew began writing e-books on camera skills and nature photography. The response was so positive that he began teaching, and his Photography Essentials Workshops are now a regular feature, with one or two workshops a month and almost always sold out. Andrew teaches ‘good old-fashioned camera skills’ applied to the modern digital world, and explains them in a way that is fun and easy to grasp.

Inevitably the teaching led to even bigger things. Andrew now hosts photography tours, in association with professional tour operators. “My job is to make sure people have the best photographic experience they can, while leaving the transport, travel and accommodation details where they belong – in the hands of travel industry experts. Tours so far have included the Northern Territory, the Kimberley, New Zealand and Norfolk Island.

Visit to view Andrew’s images, find workshop information and dates, and discover what tours are in store for the future.

Last Updated: Monday 27th June, 2016


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