Steve Morvell Art for Conservation


Hours: Most days by arrangement
Phone: 0427183672
Contact Name: Steve Morvell
Address: 159 Grampians Rd, Halls Gap VIC 3381, Australia
Steve Morvell Art for Conservation
Steve Morvell Art for Conservation
Steve Morvell Art for Conservation
Steve Morvell Art for Conservation

Steve Morvell is an internationally acclaimed wildlife artist, dedicated to raising human awareness of the beauty and fragility of wildlife and the habitats in which we co-exist. He was born with a deep and abiding passion for nature. Over 40 years as a full-time professional artist Steve’s deep need to understand animals on their own terms have taken him to many wild places such as Western China, Africa, Nepal, and Outback Australia whilst researching his art.

Steve’s powerful and evocative work is exhibited around the world, winning many major national and international art awards and hangs in private, public, and corporate collections globally.

His art has been widely featured through Television, radio, and print media around the world. He has represented Australia and been awarded internationally on many occasions and is a quadruple Gold Medal winner with the Wildlife Art Society of Australasia. Steve’s art has also been featured in many books, national and international magazines, and on Australian Postage Stamps. He is an ambassador for the Wildlife Art Museum of Australia, a board member for Koala Territory Foundation and works tirelessly using his art for the conservation of our natural world.

As a former park ranger, the deep need to be with animals compels Steve to study his subjects in the field, often spending long hours observing and sketching animals in their natural habitat. He only paints animals he has actually met in person and preferably in the wild since his life’s passion is learning ever more about ‘real’ nature. His recognition of the spirit of the bush and its creatures leaves a lasting impression on the viewer.

Steve’s magnificent Halls Gap gallery/studio overlooks a beautiful wetland and sits at the feet of the rugged peaks of the Grampians National Park. Visitors can marvel at the stunning display of original artworks for sale while they chat in person with the artist and learn about his passion. A portion of every sale goes directly to conservation.

In the field of wildlife art Steve Morvell’s reputation as an innovator and his powerful works are aimed squarely at one thing........ giving the viewer a real sense of 'being there'!

Last Updated: Wednesday 21st July, 2021


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