White-throated Treecreeper

White throated Treecreeper

Quick Facts

Length: 15 cm
Height: -
Weight: 22 grams
Colour: -
Habitat: Prefers forests - including rainforests, woodlands and timbered river areas
Food: Mainly ants, but will also eat nectar and other insects
Predators: -
Status: Not Present in NT, TAS and WA. Secure in all other states and territories

The White-throated Treecreeper is dark brown, with a distinctive white throat and chest, and white streaks on its flanks, edged with black. The wings have a red bar that is visible in flight and the undertail is barred. The female has an orange mark on the sides of the face. Like other treecreepers, spends most of its time foraging in trees and has a short, spiralling flight.

The White-throated Treecreeper is found in south-eastern and southern mainland Australia, from the Tropic of Capricorn to south-eastern South Australia, mostly on the eastern side of the Great Dividing Range.

The White-throated Treecreeper prefers forests, including rainforests, woodlands and timbered river areas. Rarely seen on the ground, it lives in permanent territories.

The White-throated Treecreeper feeds mainly on ants, but will eat other invertebrates as well as nectar.

The female White-throated Treecreeper builds the nest and incubates the eggs, but both sexes care for the young. Two broods may be raise in a season. The nest is made in a tree cavity, which is lined with bark, fur and hair.

Author: Rosalyn Plunkett
Last Updated: Friday 6th September, 2013
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