Feral Species

A feral species is generally a domestic animal that lives wild or has been brought into Australia from another country and also roams freely.

Feral species were brought into Australia by the early settlers for many uses. To use as food, use their hides for leather, for pulling heavy loads, as a means of transportation, as companions, for their wool and even to make the people feel less homesick!

This gallery of feral species is by no means complete, there are many other birds, insects and toads for example that are still be listed here.

The feral species have had to do what comes natural to them to survive, but the problem is, the feral species are thriving to the point of devastating the land, the plant life and the native species that live here. There is a strong need to try and control the feral species so that our native species can also thrive. If we don't, we will lose many more species of our native wildlife to extinction caused by feral species.

Feral Species
Female Red Deer and Fawn - feral species of the Grampians National Park Victoria
Black Rat - feral species of Australia
Wild Brumbies - Feral Horse of the outback in NSW
Feral Horses - wild Brumbies of outback NSW - The Land Down Under
Wild Brumby Mob of the NT in The Land Down Under
Feral Horses - Wild Brumbies of the NT in The Land Down Under
Feral Buffalo keeps cool in the waterways of the Top End of The Land Down Under - Australia
Common Myna - Feral Species not to be confused with the Indian Myna - a native species
Common Myna - Feral Species not to be confused with the Indian Myna - a native species
Feral Donkey of Silverton in NSW - The Land Down Under, Australia
Small feral pig of Central Victoria
Feral Foxes found throughout much of Australia
Fox - Feral species to Australia
Fox hunting field mice in Central Victoria
Feral Rabbits - devastating to plant life which feeds native animals
Eaten to the ground - no grass can grow around this shrub from rabbits
The Sparrow - it's cute, common and feral!
Female Sparrow - so small but so invasive!
Starlings are known to breed in such numbers they can form swarms
Feral Bees - these bees can be aggressive.
Feral Insect - The European Wasp and Nest
European Wasp - Feral insect that devastates our native bees


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